4 comments on “Joel’s Army…What’s the deal?

  1. God’s army mentioned in the book of Job can be generalized as the forces of darkness, demonic and angelic in nature. But this prophecy is fulfilled already. If you have noticed, this happened before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit [Joel 2:28]. And what are lost are years…I believe the Church went into a period of darkness for almost 1500 years until Martin Luther rediscovered the truth about salvation by faith…as time passed by different movements came by…and then the fulfillment of the latter outpouring of the Spirit in around 1901 with the starting of the Pentecostal movement…I personally don’t believe the Charismatic movement is the next great wave of the Spirit, probably it’s just a wave between two waves [that comes along with some dirt]. But I can say we still are in the age of the outpouring of the Spirit once again…Sidharth

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