8 comments on “My observation of some Christians…

  1. Most impressive. I will send you a “shout-out” on BlogCatalog. For if you are as “faithful” as me: you may not check for comments for days. Anyway: I hope we can engage in a dialogue: even though we are not as close “theologically” as we could be at this time. No, this is not to say that I think of myself as being on any sort of a higher level; but if you will check-out what I have been given to say on “my” blog (AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles), especially in regards unto Q&A, you will see that it has been personally revealed unto me that the true “Word Of God” is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; and that what has been given unto us in His Holy Scriptures is meant to serve as “written confirmation” of what He wants to personally reveal unto us through the work of His Holy Spirit. Yeah, it may very well be that I have been woefully deceived.

  2. I would wholeheartedly agree but I’m soooo busy serving in the worship band and youth clubs and following my preacher! 😉Seriously, Carol, great post. Robert (aka mulledvine)

  3. I really liked what you had to say in this post. I will admit to having struggled in this area more than once. Especially now that I have placed myself in position of having people that do like me and tell me so. I didn’t start out blogging with the intention of people thinking I was nice or even an inspiration, but it did end up happening. I will just count those as blessings from God, whom I strive to glorify alone. Blessings to you sister. (Your blog will soon be added to my blogroll as well- Only faithful Christian blogs are there- we can never get enough good Christ filled lives to read about. At least, I can’t.) 🙂

  4. Hi Carol, I noticed you have a lot of buttons on your sidebar. You might go to Internet Evangelism Day and become a partner too, if you choose to. (I am one.) Anyway, you can help reach others for the glory of the Lord in this way as well. Just a thought. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog.

  5. Ok I found it Shalene. I don’t think my blog is really geared towards new Christians. I know I’ve got links along the left side but that is not my focus because there’s nothing written in my blog about new Christians. But…I might consider another blog just for evangelizing – got to think and pray about it.

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