2 comments on “What is the Purpose of the Church?

  1. Regarding “Perhaps start special interest programs catering to depression, eating disorders, infertility, family and friends of homosexuals, post abortion, singles groups, singles retreats, and separated men and women etc.” I’m not sure I agree entirely. Sure, the primary purpose of the church is to build up the saints in order to send them out, as you say, but as well as us Christians going out in an individual capacity to feed the poor etc, there surely is a role for the church as an organising unit to act in this capacity too? Our church for example provides social services to the local community and witnesses in that way. How is that wrong?

  2. There’s nothing wrong with that. We are to feed the poor and witness but those things are outside the church. The primary focus of what the church is for is layed out in Scripture for us. To deviate from that is to be outside the Father’s will. In our human reasoning it seems quite right to focus on many other things that would make us ‘better Christians’ but that still is deviating from the church’s purpose which is to equip the Saints, to teach them enabling them to be better witnesses. Also, the church is set apart and holy – it is not to be tainted with evil outside influences and yes that includes unrepentant sinners ie. homosexuals who see nothing wrong with their sin. But being organized to help starving people is fine since they also try to feed them spiritually. But that should never replace the role of the church.

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