6 comments on “Agree to Disagree on "Non-Essentials"

  1. Carol,I do not like that Agree to disagree phrase either. Bro. Buie, the pastor of our church always says “put a nail in the wall” (bible) tie a string to it and when you get into unknown territory follow that string back to the beginning and start from the anchor (bible). His statement is very reminiscent of your statement: And if that idea ruins another idea you had, then you’d better research the other one. You may have to dismantle your entire belief structure if you cannot find Biblical support but I would suggest you do it and start from scratch.When that statement is made I just tell them they are not disagreeing with me but with the Lord. However, I understand the statement to mean “you can not change my mind in regard to false doctrine”, so I leave them be. What else can you do?Peace and blessing.

  2. You come across as very angry, listing all the people in your blog description that you do not agree with. I think that is a shame. I dread to think how many ‘charismatics’ you have written off. By the way, do you mean those charismatics who follow Paul’s teaching in the bible on using spiritual gifts? I probably better not mention the Roman Catholics.<>How can you honor Him when you don’t know how to because you’ve misinterpreted things or you do things that displease Him?<>I notice that there is a very great fear, in the US particularly, of questioning things, particularly when it comes to scripture and acknowledging that we all are different and interpret differently. Let’s remember the very first Christians didn’t even have the bible as we know it. I honour God because I love him and seek him with all my heart, not because I’ve got all my theology perfect.

  3. You’re darn skippy!! I do not agree with the charismatics because they abuse the gifts of the Spirit. They go above and beyond what is outlined in Scripture to the point of obsurdity! They focus on outward manifestations of what they THINK is the Holy Spirit but they are gravely mistaken. The Holy Spirit will not cause you to bark, cackle, writhe, jump, shake uncontrollably, be glued to the floor, pogo, laugh uncontrollably, ‘give birth in the Spirit’ or any other ridiculous thing! And as far as everyone having different interpretations…THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!! Satan is the author of “different interpretations” and you have fallen victim to it. Is it good to stay in error? Is it good to misunderstand the Word of God and not seek correction? Is it good to believe something falsely, then teach others to do the same because you didn’t take time to study and show yourself approved? Is it good to be deceived?You also imply that since the early Christians didn’t have the Bible, that anything goes. They had their writings and oral teachings..the SAME THING found in the Bible today yet you dismiss it. Shame on you!Like I said, you will NOT like this blog if you are any of those things I listed. I am diametrically opposed to people of your ilk because you have no regard for the Bible hence do not see the authority, you do not follow the guidelines for testing the spirits in the Bible, and as a result you are disobedient and rebellious.Do I sound angry??? Yes I AM and for good cause because it’s because of people like you who lead the sheep down the wrong path. I hate the things God hates and He hates falsity!!! You don’t have to come here…it’s obvious this blog is not for you!!!

  4. Wow! <>I am diametrically opposed to people of your ilk…you have no regard for the Bible….you do not follow the guidelines for testing the spirits in the Bible…you are disobedient and rebellious.<>You have made a lot of presumptions about me, all of which are incorrect! It seems to me that you judge anyone who doesn’t have the same opinions as you. If this blog isn’t for me then who is it for? I think it would be helpful to answer people’s comments with love and grace. I think your sort of approach is not helpful to anyone at all. I’m sorry to say it but I, at least, agree to disagree with you.

  5. I didn’t presume anything about you. Let’s recap…you spoke in favor of the charismatics. I didn’t make that up. I simply answered you. And following Biblical guidelines is MY opinion? Testing the spirits is MY opinion? Studying everything to make sure you’re not deceived is MY opinion? I’m sorry but you give me too much credit – I am not the author of these things. Based on your last comment, you’ve given me some more insight into your thinking. You’re insinuating that I’m not showing love. Your brand of “love” is keeping people in the darkness and allowing them to whatever they please (defending the charismatics). You are caught up in HOW you say something rather than WHY you say something. The fact that I’m trying to correct you IS love because I don’t want you to remain in your error. I’m trying to encourage you, and others, to study your Bibles, and don’t practice anything outside of it. Just because I don’t agree with YOU don’t mean I’m unloving.True love warns, and protects, and keeps his brothers from error if/when necessary. And as far as not being helpful to anyone at all – that is an assumption YOU made. And you are wrong my friend. I help those who’s eyes are on the truth only. Those who look for proof in the Bible only! Who check and recheck the things they believe and who want to back them up Scripturally. Anything I’ve said is not outside the Bible and are not my opinions. My message is only offensive to those who do not love the truth. (event though they think they do)

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