4 comments on “Chart O’Sins

  1. If it helps, I laughed at this post. Spreadsheet indeed!! 😀Our sinfulness runs so deep and will do as long as Self is on the throne. It just takes one little dig at our precious selves to realise this. We should thank our God every day for His grace, and heaven forbid that we think we have had such a “good” day that we need not thank Him!

  2. I laughed at the post as well, ha ha! And it’s especially funny to me since I am in the IT industry and spreadsheets to keep track of everything is part and parcel of my daily work life, from project costs to progress reports etc.

  3. I was also in the IT field so I’m always trying to think of ways to digitize my life and be more efficient electronically. My latest ‘project’ is check balancing but not using my checkbook – but a spreadsheet that looks like my checkbook complete with forumulas. (I’m using NeoOffice) I’m not good with numbers (or adding for that matter) so I create a simple forumula a voila! It’s done. (plus I can make it pretty and go crazy with the formatting) I live to format!!! 🙂

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