3 comments on “The "Little Things" Jesus Does.

  1. I agree totally. I realized a long time ago that there are little miracles that happen in our lives everyday, yet we never even notice them. Shame on us.Peace

  2. What an awesome reminder of just how much he cares for us. “Nerf Foam Truck!” I love it!I can so relate. I have been so lonely all day. I served as usher this weekend too. We seat 1,500 people each of three services. I live in Atlanta. There are at least 6 million people surrounding me. And I am lonely. Then he reminded me of all my friends that are online. Praise God for you my friend. This reminder has lifted me higher and for that I commend you!

  3. What a great post Carol!“The whisper through the brancheswe may not always see.”Beautiful, and I pray that God will show all of us the whispers, starting with ME!!

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