7 comments on “Praise Yeshua Because He Gave Me The Holy Smackdown!

  1. Carol,Don’t forget we are “Christians under construction.”The Holy Spirit (the Word of God) convicted you and you repented to you husband and to God. And I bet next time you and Hubby come to a disagreement in regards to the Word you will exercise humility.It is a learning process–this journey called life.Peace and blessing

  2. Hmmm, isn’t that anger a beast though? Anger is absolutely my worst trait. Thanks to God, I’m a lot better than I used to be but my oh my do I ever have a long way to go. Good luck sister.

  3. That’s a good statement he made about the walnut. Thank you for being transparent. We’ve all been there. ((hugs))p.s. thank you for your blog rating.

  4. and aren’t you glad that God didn’t use a sledgehammer to crack your walnut in that situation? 🙂that IS a good word picture… and a good post. Thanks.and btw… thanks for the nice comment you left me the other day.

  5. Hi Carol!Thanks again for all your encouragement!Words are very powerful. They can help us or hurt us. In fact, I blogged about this subject today.I too appreciate your transparency. Satan cannot hold us in bondage to anything that we are willing t openly admit!I was thinking about the whole sledghammer comment. It came to my mind that we can in fact use a sledgehammer to crush a walnut. Just because you have the hammer in your hand doen’t mean you have to give it a full swing. Sometimes if you hold back some of the weight and just give the nut a slight little tap that’s all it takes!I cannot think of just how to apply that train of thought at this moment but it came to mind so I shared!Love you in Christ!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site God-incidence.com. God shows up in the most amazing places doesn’t He? Amazing for us that is. Even when our spouses speak to us for example.Bless you Carol.

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