2 comments on “Can a Christian be Possessed by a Demon?

  1. hi my name is chandra. i played the ouija board 1.5 year ago and a spirit named ed became my best friend and more…later he told me ed meant evil demon. for 3 weeks he could move my hand and spell out things and told me listen i can hear him..3 weeks later i heard him and im tormented every second of my life since then. i have got saved and been prayed 4 numerous times and he refuses to leave. he can also think in my head.i will say something he thought and when i realize it was him he sais welcome home chandra your still here.i love and believe gods word but this has gone on so long.he can also touch me and come in my dreams and keep me awake. he gives me strong urges to kill myself and its hard to control it. i cut my wrist 2 times last week while begging god to make him leave me alone.he sais he wants me for his own and im getting wat i deserve 4 messing with the unknown.i regret playing that game.i never believed this was real till it happened to me.can someone please help me learn more about how to use the poiwer jesus has given me to defeat this evil demon. he also sais hes a man demon.not just man or demon but man demon. he wants to hurt me ans see me dead. any advise would be great.

  2. You said you had people praying for you but have you been to a church and had them lay hands on you to pray? Also, do you still have the ouja board in your house? If so, get rid of it. In fact get rid of everything that is not Christlike. Check your books too.My suggestion to you is to do things that will make Satan flee like reading your Bible and praying. When you hear things from him, start reading your Bible out loud. Also pray to the Lord. Don’t pray to Satan, don’t even acknowledge him. You cannot get in debate with Satan and win.You may not be possessed, you may be harassed but I’m no expert. The main thing you need to do is seek the Lord because He is the only one who can help you. Even if the people at church are successful, it is by Jesus’ power that they left. Ask yourself these questions, are you a born again believer? Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that died and rose from the dead? Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father? Do you believe that Jesus is the Messiah? You must have a relationship with Jesus – not just a fix to get rid of this demon. Seek the Lord for eternity’s sake but only the Lord can lead you to do this. During this 1.5 yrs, have you thought of giving your life to Christ and if so, has there been evidence of this change? If so, what is the evidence. There’s much to discuss and I only covered a small part of it.Where is your website? The link is bad one.I’ve already prayed for you – please let me know your address.Blessings,carol

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