4 comments on “What is an Evil Spirit?

  1. Great posts, Carol!Spirits and demonic possession are again two oft-ignored issues in the Christian community. Sometimes we do forget that our battles are not physical but always in the spiritual realm.And to that end, it is good to know who we war against. To quote a famous Chinese general of old, Sun Tzu, who wrote “The Art of War”: to win every battle, one must first know and understand the enemy like one knows himself.God bless, and Shalom Aleichem.

  2. Greetings CarolNice Blog and wonderful layout.To get more people to comment on your post you might want to consider, instead of quoting the bible, you should present your own interpretations of the different passages in the Bible. These passages have different meanings for different people. This will generate more comments on your post and present how you feel inside about this wonderful book.Keep up the good work.Biobob

  3. Passages may have different meanings to different people but so therein lies the error. I believe in absolute truth. I want to find out what the intended meaning of the Author is, not what me and others think. So because of this absolute truth, there are NOT other meanings, only faulty interpretations. There is but one truth, and that’s all I’m concerned about – not how many people comment.

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