3 comments on “The Sins I Love

  1. Carol, I have dealt with something similar, not rap music, but secular, old school rhythm and blues. I discovered that it was a problem when (I do not remember exactly why), I needed to sing a song of praise but could not remember the words or tune to not a one.I realized GARBAGE IN–GARBAGE OUT.I decided to be more discerning as to what I allow to take up residence in my head. Also, when music videos first came to television I could see that they (videos) would be the domain of the “prince of power of the air”. I was right. I do not even feast my eyes on them, and I am sure that they are even worse now in this “anything goes” atmosphere that we live in.

  2. I love your blog. I don’t believe we ever exchanged links. I talk to so many people. I know you but I’m scattered brained at times. On your post we all have failings. It’s just nice to hear others have struggles too and I’m not alone. Aren’t you glad we’re not going to heaven on our merits and shortcomings. Praise God that his son took upon Himself to become our sin. Send me your email. I think I have it but I may not. I’ve rambled on enough. We took my little ones on a hay ride and roasted marshmellows on a bonfire. I worked all day at Caterpillar and I’m about ready to drop. But God bless you sister in Christ and good night.My email is jgargus2@comcast.netI sometimes send out Christian emails. Let me know if you want any. If not tell me if you give your email address.

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