7 comments on “Apostate or Just in Error?

  1. <>How can I keep company with people like that? I’m not better than them or anyone, I know I’m in error on things and lack understanding….BUT I DO love the truth!!! That’s all I care about. Am I wrong for withdrawing from them?<>Carol: Thanks for your visit and comment. Please feel free to email me at robinsteele[at]myway.com if you are open to communicating directly.I’ll admit I left the first comment without having read this specific post – which now that I’ve read it I think it’s excellent and appropos.Let me share a thought regarding your question above. I am a questioner, that is my nature. I was in 3rd Grade in Catholic School when I started asking “OK, then who made God?” and haven’t stopped grappling with it since. I read the Book of Job over and over and said: “Are you kidding me? The omniscient, omnipotent God engages in a BET with Satan?” Nailing your son to a cross to seems highly inefficient and illogical to me. I grapple with the notion of loving your imperfect children but then burning a bunch of them eternally for being imperfect.Now, I could not discuss these issues with many of my Christian friends because they find the act of questioning sacriligious and objectionable. But they are only questions, and I would submit that I am much more deeply involved in Christianity than they are. Because I don’t believe faith is a precious fragile object, but something to be engaged in, challenged, explored honestly. And when I come to an answer, as I have with the seeming illogic of Jesus dying on the cross, it is with a deep conviction borne of exploration, not memorization.So I would submit that one way to reconcile the above is to realize that those who question might simply be seeking to understand, and that God may want some of us to accept and others to question.

  2. btw… I don’t believe in divination. Those ads don’t reflect my beliefs and I don’t pay them any more credence than fortune cookies.The Nambla link and some of the others will go away.

  3. Carol I do not believe that all are apostate, but the vast majority are lazy. They refuse to put any meaningful time into the study of God’s Word, they much rather let the false prophets lead them to the Lake of Fire.BTW, you do not have to worry about distancing yourself, because when you determine yourself to be obedient to God’s Word, you will be sanctified (set apart) by the world. Which is perfectly alright since we are called to pleasers of God not man.Peace

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