4 comments on “Science Confirms the Bible

  1. Very true, my friend. No offense taken. We should worship the Creator not the creation. But admire it. These things were just symbols that the pagans looked at and saw these characteristics displayed in these animals. When they became Christians they transferred these animals characteristics to describe things in character they admired in the Christian world. As long as we understand this that is the point. I may say I think someone had the heart of a lion but don’t think he’s going to eat me. Symbolism is good as long as we don’t make these things idols. Like pictures of Christ and the cross is good as long as we don’t worship these symbols. As always you open my eyes to new insights, my sister. I enjoy conversations with you. Always feel free to voice your thoughts. We may not always agree but it’s good to look at things with a different set of eyes.. Sorry for rambling on. I talk too much. Probably the reason I blog. Stay warm cause it sure is cold here .BBBBRRRRR!!!!!Lance

  2. Amazing indeed!We seldom realize that we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to certain scientific facts. Though we are lay persons who don’t really understand atoms and scientific names, we know because we have been told so by the Creator Himself!I have this inkling that if scientists were to search the Bible for the initial truths to some facts that we now only know about, then science would have progressed much faster.Hallelu et Adonai!

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