5 comments on “Carol – Raw!

  1. Raw, unadulterated, joy, wow! Carol, it’s so good to see you in this state of bliss in the LORD!Your joy reminds me of the beauty of God — that amidst all the trials of life, we know that He is in control and we rejoice in that. And through thanksgiving, we experience the peace that is in Christ Jesus.Amen!Shalom Aleichem.

  2. Wow! You blew me away. That was honest and sincere from the heart. That touched me right down to the core. I love you, sister in Christ. I pray God lifts you up for your openess to Him and strengthens you. your words touched me and revealed to me areas where I lack and fall short. I fail Him everyday and don’t deserve grace from the King of Kings. But Praise the Lord he looks down at worm like me when I humble myself. Let me rephrase that, he humbles, wow does he ever. When i start thnking I’m all that, he lets everything happen to me to show me I need Him. Ain’t that just like a Father. God bless you my dear and I will encourage, please encourage me,LLanceI’m a rotten typer. Sorry for the typos.

  3. I’m glad to see the joy Carol. =)There is no greater joy than to know the fact that our sins have been dealt with at the Cross! Such gratefulness and love well up as the Spirit reveals to us and shows us the hope to which we have been called to.Sidharth

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