13 comments on “Who Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart? God or Pharaoh?

  1. Another ‘contradiction’ goes to the bin! 🙂Funny, I never questioned who hardened the Pharaoh’s heart when I read that a good time ago. God said He did, so, for me, yea, He did, lol!

  2. I haven’t seen many Christians who have a problem with the Pharaoh account only because it hasn’t really come up. But this subject did come up on a message board for Ex-Christians and I answered their objections. Most of my posts were answering objections (so that’s where I get my ideas from – recalling past arguments) but I couldn’t stay there because these people were utterly and completely hateful towards God and me. I only lasted about two weeks before I had to get out of there. Just awful!I used to witness on an interfaith board and you’d think there would be a bunch of hateful people there but surprisingly, they were extremely courteous. But the ex-christians really went in the other direction – some are now atheists but most of them worship Satan now. Very sad!

  3. Awesome post! This explains to me Romans 9-11 a lot more.Carol, do you believe in double predestination?Sid

  4. To be honest, I am not surprised at all that those ex-Christians are bitter and resentful towards God and those who speak God’s Truth.It’s sad that those who profess to be ex-Christians might never have been Christians at all, because they probably would have been in some false system that claims to be of God. When they leave the movement, they have very very bitter recollections of how they have been tricked, and feel like they had their intelligence insulted and their lives wasted.I don’t think that’s true of all ex-Christians, but just recounting just a few accounts of ex-Roman Catholics I know.How do you witness on a forum? I’ve found that to be quite ineffective somehow, but that’s just my personal experience.

  5. Sid,I never heard of double predestination – you’ll have to explain that one to me.Isaiah,I’ll answer you when I get back – running out the door now. 🙂Blessings,Carol

  6. If by double predestination you mean God foreordaines who is saved and who is lost – then it would cancel out the need for repentance, the warnings against falling away and a host of other things. To predestine is to predetermine – or declare in advance. It does not mean that God as mapped out your salvation for you (or lack thereof) against your receiving Him. God calls us, but we can choose whether we heed that calling or not and there is lots of biblical support for this.The only problem area I have is about the sealing until the end. How can someone be sealed, yet we know that there are people that fall away? Some verses say we are sealed upon regeneration and others, near the ‘end’. A seal cannot be unsealed – it’s permanent yet we can fall away. There is one verse that says ‘they were never of us’ (paraphrased) (false converts) but all the other references about falling away does not make this distinction between true and false Christians. So I think there are two groups represented.Need to study this more but I know I do not believe in OSAS.

  7. Amen, I agree with you, Carol.I believe both Predestination and Free-will are intact.Here’s how I explain it: < HREF="http://imrah.org/2007/11/key-to-predestination.html" REL="nofollow">The Key to Predestination<>The Calvinist doctrine is the basis for the “once saved always saved” doctrine.Sidharth

  8. Yeah, and also If this was so, then there is no basis for judgment. It would be like forcing a person to commit a crime and putting them into the jail.Thank you again for this article. =)Sidharth

  9. Isaiah,You said <>How do you witness on a forum? I’ve found that to be quite ineffective somehow, but that’s just my personal experience.<>I witness on forums the same way I do in person, except it’s a little easier because the forums themselves are of a religious nature to begin with. So I don’t have to create a segway to talk about Jesus because the subject of religion is always on the board. But usually how it works is when someone finds out what faith you are, then the questions fly. So on religious forums, it’s usually a bunch of answering questions. Some really want to know, some just want to get you into debate, and some want to try to make a fool of you. And while it may be largely ineffective, you never really know who else is reading with an open heart. What I find just as ineffective is trying to tell a fellow Christian that they are following a wolf. (speaking of a particular message board – not blogs) Even when presented with Scriptural proof, they still deny the Word.It all comes down to their calloused hearts – whether it be ex-christians, or professed Christians. Both have the same ailment.

  10. From experience I have found that no amount of convincing done by us can bring the lost to the Lord. I have used apologetics to convince a lot of unbelievers, but when I look back none of those people had accepted the Lord. However, in contrast, I have shared the simple seemingly foolish Gospel to many unbelievers and I can say that majority of them accepted the Lord and that too dramatically.Its amazing how God has backed up that simple Gospel with His power.All “wisdom talk” we do sometimes goes waste. Those unbelievers will come up with more doubts to be answered. But the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation!

  11. Sid, agree 100% about the Gospel. If we are to model ourselves after the early church, then we must acknowledge that their entire message was the Gospel! There truly is power in the Gospel. And for this reason, I find other methods of witnessing are unbiblical like rock concerts, plays, and all sorts of various entertainment ministries.

  12. Ah, I see. The forum already has a ‘religious’ tone to it. That does make it easier with people there already interested to find out more. I agree with both of you that the Gospel is the central and ONLY message we need bring across. For most, it also helps to help them realize that they are truly sinners by using the Law to convict. Paul said: “Yet if it had not been for the law, I would not have known sin.” (Romans 7:7), and that’s why I find that many altar calls in churches nowadays are full of error.They present a skit or some performance, give a short sermon, then invite many including backsliding Christians to accept Christ with a short prayer without conviction of personal sin! I was once one of those who responded to such a call as a backslider, but after having learned this approach of conviction of sin I realize now why I and many of my peers fell away. Without acknowledging that one is a hopeless sinner who cannot save his own soul, one cannot fully comprehend and appreciate the love of Christ and what God did for us in His grace!Soli deo Gloria!Shalom, and blessings to both.

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