2 comments on “Instant Communication? (Rev 11:3-12)

  1. I agree with you that it would be a supernatural occurrence like the coming of our Lord… Do you think we’ll all see Christ because we have satellite or cable?who would even think that it would be as a result of technological advancements in the world today, what about places that don’t even have simple electricity not to mention watching TV or listening to other communication device.whatever we have today might not even play any significant part on that day cos my take is everything would automatically shutdown… to the awe of the skeptics and scientists. God is GoodGodbless carol a great post.

  2. Great Post Carol- yeah, man desperately wants to be all powerful- unneeding of a Divine God- hence the whole Macroevolution hypothesis. I fully believe, like you, that the events of the end times will be fully supernaturaL. Christ will be seen by everyone and understood by everyone- this means everyone- even those without televisions will see Him and understand His message and warnings. Christ will be present everywhere at once, and the events you highlight will be supernatural as well. I find it a little odd that some peopel think that the all powerful God will need man’s help to get His message across in the end. Again, great post. CottShop

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