10 comments on “Tuesday Night Wake-Up Call

  1. Much kudos to you, Carol. I’m sorry about the loss of friendship, but you did the right thing!Kudos also to your bravery and you putting the truth of God above everything else!I will pray that you’ll be able to find a good church soon.God bless!

  2. Hello,A professor I had in Seminary used to use the three “F’s” and they go something like this;1) Faith2).Facts3). FeelingsPretty simple stuff eh bible thumper?

  3. Hello Carol,…I kept thinking of this verse: Rev 18:4..<>Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, .. AMEN<>Carol that was the perfect example of God’s Holy Spirit at work.The job of the Holy Spirit is to bring us into all TRUTH, and to convict us of our sins, according to the Word of God.Praise God for His Spirit!Peace and blessings

  4. Caron,No I haven’t seen him but thanks for the link – going to check it out.Phil,Yes that is simple. Very true and I must remember that. 🙂Thank you Isaiah – and thank you for the prayers.Shirley,Amen!!! 🙂

  5. Shalene and I just went through the same thing. It is hard falling in love with a church and then realizing that they are teaching false doctrines. I have to be even more aware with my kids and what they are taught. I will pray that you find a “church of truth”.God bless,Bobby

  6. This is truly heart-breaking, to be sure, Carol, but I’m proud of you for listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading, even if you didn’t at first… It taked a woman of conviction and a woman truly wanting to follow God’s leading to take the road less travelled. Anway just wanted to say that, and to say how exciting it is to me to see that your blog is back up… It was gone for so long, that I had lost hope that you would put it back up again… Yeah!!!! Carol’s back!!! (And yes, Bobby is my husband. Ha Ha…. I just think that’s too funny, that you didn’t know, after all this time…) Blessings, sister…

  7. Hi, Carol! I saw your post liking to this on bereanWife’s blog, and thank you for posting this.
    I am an athlete, and unfortunately this means that my weekend practices are on Saturdays and Sundays. Trying to find a church in the city I practice in, that meets on Saturday evenings, is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! All the ones I found were so full of error: coffee shops in the lobby, practicing the five-fold “purpose”… I even found one that said Jesus started the “pay-it-forward” concept.

    Thank you for making me not feel so alone!

    • Hello Dee,

      I know, it’s getting harder to find good churches anymore. I only wrote about the one church but there were two others that we left. One was into that charismatic craziness and the other, well they were just plain mean. Like they were all in their own clique and we felt very uncomfortable. It’s like they decided immediately that they wouldn’t like us and have snubbed us at church and outside of church at restaurants.

      The only type of church that I could think of that would meet on Friday or Saturday nights (because it’s the true Sabbath) would be a Messianic congregation. They teach from a Jewish perspective but they are not necessarily Jewish. It’s usually a mixture of Christians and Jews. So that might be an option for you. That’s what we’re looking for but there are none around here.


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