14 comments on “Women and Head Coverings

  1. great observation… I don’t understand why men in messianic community put caps (kippah?) on their head during the service… isn’t that agains Paul’s teaching?

  2. Hello Carol,The congregation to which I am a member, has a dress code and part of that code is that the women wear head coverings during the service. This was very foreign to me coming from “the come as you are” school of thought. I just determined that covering my head is a small price to pay. If the Lord does not require that my head be covered, what have I lost? …..So this could not have originated with Paul….. <>I agree with you.<>Let me reference you to another scripture Numbers 5:1818 And the priest shall set the woman before the LORD, and <>uncover the woman’s head,<> and put the offering of memorial in her hands, which is the jealousy offering: and the priest shall have in his hand the bitter water that causeth the curse: Very good Bible Study, keep up the good work. Peace

  3. Natasa,There are different sects of Jews just like there are different denominations in Christiandom. I think the Hasidic’s (sp?) wear them as a barrier between them and God because they feel they are not worthy to be in His presence. But I would think that that would go against what the Bible teaches. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. King’s Kid,I learned something about you today. 🙂 I didn’t know you wore a covering in church. 🙂 I feel a little strange about it because I’ve never done it but I have no problem with it. I CANNOT have a problem with it because ‘it is written.’ 🙂 When I visit my parents and go to my dad’s church, I’m going to wear one. My mother has extras. hahatalk later sweetie,Carol

  5. man is head of woman? how come?< HREF="http://www.oo-newyork-oo.skyrock.com" REL="nofollow">Good jOb<>

  6. Dear allToday I was reading comments on head covering because it is my favourite topic. Yes head covering may not be seen often in western church gatherings but in Africa, this is common in some church gatherings. Personally I find that if I have no head covering I am not dressed properly. Whether in a church gathering or at work. Covering is therefore absolutely necessary for me, so that I can pray anywherever I am, without feeling undressed before the Lord. I would encourage others to try it. Head dress makes me feel complete, without it I am incomplete and out of touch with the Lord.The churches ought to teach God’s righteousness more often than they do, because the issue of ordinances and behaviour and obedience to God, clearly indicate whether one is walking in the light or not.I am happy the person who first discussed this topic made good observations and made good comments and searched the scriptures well. It is my favourite topic about head dress, praying and prophesying by women.Thank you.Juliet

  7. Dear Carol!Blessings to you!I had written a similar article many weeks back. Do look into it =)In the comment section I have dealt with why Paul talks about angels there. It’s very a interesting thought.=)Glad to see you talk on this one!Sid

  8. Great “covering” of this subject! I’m excited to see a post that perfectly mirrors what I see in scripture! My family practices the headcovering (no matter where we church) as do several other families that I know of, though I’ve never been part of a church where it was actually required.It seems to me that we lost sight of the tradition through misunderstanding and lack of study…it wasn’t that long ago that women still wore hats to church! But the truth behind the symbol was gone. Soon it became a showy competition, and, likely, women who desired to keep God the center, rejected the competition and also the truth at which it found its root! That’s just my guess. 🙂Thanks for a great article!Blessings,Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

  9. Hi Carol! Thank you for your article. I practice headcovering and have for about 4-5 years now, ever since I dealt seriously with the 1 Cor. 11 passage. It is indeed a beautiful symbol of submission, and a wonderful reminder to humble myself before God and men when I put it on to pray or prophesy. The western church-at-large is really missing out by neglecting or explaining away this practice. Blessings, Lauren @ http://www.pearlsanddiamonds.wordpress.com

  10. I just realized that I didnt give you the linkhttp://www.imrah.org/2008/06/heads-or-tails/I feel you are wrong in your interpretation though.Paul here is explaining “katakalupto” to ones “head” [man/Christ] with the analogy of “peribolian” of hair. This is so clearly presented, Carol =) I bother to write here because I know you are open to Scripture 😉Sidharth

  11. Carol,My wife and I are convicted that head coverings for ladies is a biblical doctrine. Even when our current church is not convicted of this teaching, I have encouraged my wife to honor God’s Word by using a head covering.We are so encouraged that you were led to the same convictions … by the Holy Ghost.in Christ,Vincent

  12. This discussion was interesting to me as I was reading it today, maybe a little too late now, but I was interested to know that one persons have no knowledge of people wearing head dress in church. Even in Western countries, some women will put on a hat in church . It is a covering and they are obeying the Lord in this. Secondly, when the Paul said women must be covered he was not stating a personal conviction but was led by the Lord to let us know this. If some people are going to be covered only in church, what happens when they are outside church? They may want to pray during the day, or at the office, and without a head covering this would be dishonour to their head, who is man, and who is ultimately the Lord Himself.So it is better to be covered all the time. Many times women may need to prophecy, how will they do this if they are not covered?….The Lord loves those who obey him all the time. That is why He said “I will show mercy to thousands who love me and keep my commandments”.Jay Cee

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