7 comments on “Why The "Wolf" Analogy?

  1. I had never really thought to ask "why the wolf?" but I'm glad you did. Thanks for the insight! How are you, by the way? We're doing great! I'll have to email you sometime soon. Be blessed!garkyar

  2. Funny Carol, I was actually recently thinking about looking into this exact thing myself. I, in my characteristic fashion forgot to do it. Thanks for the perspective.
    If you want to watch a nutso video to prove this in reality…(not for the faint of heart) do a search for a youtube video called Marjoe. It is certainly not the most edifying thing in the world but a vivid example of what you just talked about.

  3. I know about Marjoe, the little aspiring wolf. But I think he came clean as an adult, admitting that his early “ministry” (if you can call it that) was an act. I wonder who taught him that stuff.

  4. I thought about this a little bit more today, and remembered that geneticists say that all dogs are genetically descended from wolves. Matthew 7:6. Philippians 3:2
    Just a thought…

    His parents taught him. His mother would make him memorize bible passages and pentecostal body language, she had a whole encoded word system where words like Halleluia, or Preach On, meant something to him like Preach Louder, Or ask for an offering. If he was not doing a good enough job during his practice times his mother would abuse him.

    • Wow! That’s sounds awful!!!

      FYI, the reason why I didn’t put up my examples of legalism on your site is because the conversation had gone is such a different direction (not a bad thing btw), that I felt my comment wasn’t relevant at that point. I would feel kind of silly posting it now.Plus I think it was you that said you were looking for something in particular in Gal. and someone found it and the conversation continued from there. So I would feel silly backtracking and posting something that you weren’t really looking for in the first place. I’m looking forward to your starting a message board. I like message boards – I’ve owned several myself.

      Love your blog btw! 🙂

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