10 comments on “God’s Blessing Through a Flat Tire

  1. Looking at situations for what they are is something I think we sometimes take for granted. I have had different cars since 1983 when I got my license. I have had close calls on accidents, been really blessed in that I have had only one break down on the highway and it was on the way to work one morning. Most of the time my break downs for my vehicle have been in the driveway of my home. I have had to have repairs done on the road from time to time, but nothing that I couldn’t drive the vehicle to a service station to get the work done.

    In February of 2008 I was involved in a major auto accident where I was the lead car in the three car accident. My vehicle was hit from behind totaled. I really loved the little car I had at the time. At the time I thanked God for sparing me from death, but I don’t think I really thought a lot about what the consequences of that could have been. If I died in my sins. In the accident my head was snapped back violently and I hit something on the top of the head rest and a large knot on the back of my head. It was God that kept me from getting a broken neck and it was God that left me with no adverse effects from it. Even though the third car back hit the vehicle behind me at about 35-40 miles an hour no one was seriously injured in this accident.

  2. Wow! That sounds like an awful accident but I’m glad the Lord spared you!!! I’m glad that you saw the bigger picture i.e. what would have happened if you died in your sins. The Lord truly is merciful 🙂

  3. Hi sis, so happy to see you back to writing again, as for the post, I laughed a lot reading it,lol @ There is a particular store that I loved to go to for my coffee and it was about an hour away. (yes I will drive that far for a good cup of coffee) …That must be some cup of coffee!!!

    God bless you, will be changing the link now since the blog url has changed
    BTW welcome to wordpress
    love ya

  4. Hello Hannah,

    Yeah I’ve been writing for awhile now. But it will be sporadic because I’m working on this massive study which took me in another direction and my head hurts!!

    Been checkin’ up on ya on Skype but you haven’t been on when I’m on. I’ll catch ya one day. 🙂

    • Hi Gladwell,

      Yes everything’s fine. Been doing a huge Bible study and I’m stuck in a few places so I’ve been concentrating my energies on that. I haven’t visited anyone’s blogs in about a week so I have to catch up. I didn’t forget you sweetie. 🙂


  5. Carol, thank you so much for this post.

    It made me smile, because I had recently been in a simliar situation, where previously, I would have initially reacted just like you. Not thinking clearly, panicked and cried, until someone had fixed my problem.

    However, in this particular instance, I reacted differently. Yes! I too felt an initial anxiety, but the rest of my usual reactions did not kick in. I quite simpy, looked at the situation, went to a sit down cake shop and realised that it was good the problem had happened at the time it had and not at a later time. I began to think of the positive in the situation.

    As I reflected on the situation, I was remined of a scripture that I had been repeating to myself for weeks prior to the day of my situation, which is 1 timothy 1:7 – God has not given me the spirit of fear…..

    I firmly believe that, this scripture helped me, as I had been declaring it so many times, that indeed it became real in my life.

    Carol, I love your blog.

    God Bless, from Carole in the UK

    • Hello Carole, (with an e)

      Sorry I’m replying so late. My computer died (and is still dead) and I’m using a work laptop. I’m saving up for another one which will take a little time.

      Wow, that does sound like the exact same situation. haha 🙂 I’m glad that you were comforted by His Word and what an excellent verse it is for that situation. 🙂

      Carol (without an e) hahaha:)

  6. Hi Carol. I just happened to read your reply comment. I was wondering what happened to you and the blogging but now I know. I do hope that you will save up as fast and get back online. Otherwise, hope you have a great day!


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