5 comments on “One Taken, One Left – A Thematic Analysis

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  2. The truth as so many think otherwise; The ungodly shall die when the wrath of Yah is poured out. It says as you mentioned by the unkoser birds Yah envites them to the great supper which is to devour the dead bodies. One thing most seem to pass by. The word says: Woe unto them that desire the “DAY” of the L-rd. What good would that do you. He wish that none perish that all come to repentance. Many are so eager to see the coming of the L-rd and the word clearly says it going to be a ” Day” of great darkness and chaos. I bet Noah was not in favor of the flood but with fear he built a ark for the saving of his house. In reading this: I thought wow! Others could have done the same.
    The man is respobsible for the saving of his house= his family. So Noah built him an Ark for the salvation of his house so that they would not perish. The same with Yah. He doesn`t want none to perish but that ” all” would come into repentance and have that G-dly fear in also building an Ark for the saving of his house. We are the house of G-d. From the time he sent his only begotten son Yah from that time started to built a house= Ark for the saving of his house through the gift of his salvation Yahshua. Yah has made a way out for us to preserve us from the wrath in the end of the age. Its up to us to enter into his Ark and dwell in the secret place of the most High There is no other escape except in entering into the ark he has already built for us so that none would perish.

    • Hello Stella, Thank you for a great comment!! A resounding Amen! I like what you said at the end – likening Yahweh’s preserving us during His wrath to Noah’s ark. Great connection! 🙂

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