6 comments on “Grace or Works – A Study on Ephesians 2: 8-10

  1. I concur, Carol, Jesus says over and over throughout the Bible “He who endures to the end, the same shall be saved” What part of this statement is hard to see or understand?To endure means that something is required of the endurer.Peace to All

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  3. very well said.

    It’s Jesus finished work, not our trying to earned work.
    It’s God who’s working in us, for we are his workmanship

    Jesus did the work, It’s not our work that we are saved.
    It’s Jesus obedience, not our self effort.
    It’s Jesus righteousness, not our sanitary napkin

    It’s Jesus who became sin, not our filthy righteousness
    It’s Jesus who endured at the cross to the end, not our perseverance

    amazing grace…

    It’s His love for me, not my love for Him

    grace and peace

  4. Carol,
    Very well said! As I was reading, Romans 6 kept coming to mind, but then you covered that Scripture passage as well 🙂 I believe that the whole “grace vs. works” debate within the church is such a deception from the pit. If believers would stop fighting each other and looking for excuses to sin (because they’re under grace), and just believe what Yahveh’s word says, maybe we would see more fruit in the “church.” Just a thought. 🙂


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