6 comments on “What Does the Evil Eye Mean According to the Bible?

    • A follower of YHVH would not be involved in such superstitious things because we know where true power comes from and we know Who conquers evil. To believe such things is to deny God His sovereignty among many other things if you think about it. It also makes that person an idolator because they attribute power to a dead object (the eye) instead of worshipping its’ Creator. It is witchcraft. It is wickedness. A child of YHVH should have nothing to do with that. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      • Yes but at the same time we can’t deny real issues that actually happen
        We need cures from every single issue such as evil eye I’m looking for verses to pray upon my family for pretoction and cure from evil eye and I can’t find anything

      • Rey, There is no “cure” for an evil eye because it’s not a disease…it’s a choice based off of one’s character or desires. And praying for someone’s protection from the evil eye infers that it’s something that happens to you and not that person’s responsibility which is not true. Again, it’s a choice that person makes. If a person has an evil eye (if they’re greedy), they alone are responsible for it. Now you can pray FOR another person that is greedy – that God will change their heart or they will grow closer to Him. But they are not a victim – they don’t have a disease and it’s not something someone did to them.

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