3 comments on “Thou Shalt Love Yourself?

  1. With the verse, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, I think about how it would be sinful for me to love people in the same way I love myself now and for the past 3 or so years. If I loved my neighbours the same way I love myself, I’d be injuring them and saying hateful words towards them all the time. That, of course, is because I suffer from depression and have low self-esteem. I’ve always found it so much easier to love people that aren’t me. To care for them, help and pray for them. But I do the opposite with myself, because I dislike myself. So, with that verse, I see it’s not sufficient to love my neighbours… I also have to love myself too – and I don’t think I have to worry about pride or things like that because it’s just too much of a distant reality to me. When I was in the darkest part of depression and people told me I had to love myself, I said, “I hate myself and I don’t want my own good anyway – I only want the good of others!” But then people helped me out of the pit I got stuck in by making me realise that if I loved people so much I had to get better from depression by taking care of myself in order to help other people. (Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense. I think my case is rare.)

  2. Hello Mysterytopursue, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I think you would be a unique case. I thought about putting a disclaimer in my post about those who had emotional difficulties, that they might be the exception but then I thought, ‘what are the odds that someone like that would reply?’ and here you are! hehe Serves me right. hehe I really hope that you come out of your depression because it’s not good for anyone to be in bondage. If you want to talk further, send me a note via the Contact page – I’d be happy to talk with you. -Carol

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