5 comments on “Why Didn’t Adam Die Immediately? A Thematic Analysis and a Surprising Answer

  1. Thank you for laying this all out, Carol! I never connected the no witness issue with Cain’s punishment and hadn’t thought of Adam leaving the garden in this way before. Numbers has been such a blessing this year!

  2. Thanks for your insight. As you say, “The common teaching is that Adam and Eve died spiritually and I’m not saying they didn’t. ”
    They died spiritually, removing the Spirit of eternal life God had breathed into Adam. All their descendants were also born spiritually dead until the incarnation of the Holy Spirit in the body of Jesus. As Paul wrote, “Through the offence of one, many be dead.”_Romans 5:15

  3. Hello S., Thank you for that verse. Very good! 🙂 It’s always nice to have another pair of eyes catching these pertinent verses. Plus you’re helping others, and myself, when doing so. So stop by again. 🙂

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