2 comments on “Binding and Loosing Without the Hype!

  1. Clearly you’re not familiar with the effectiveness of the late Win Worley and how demonic spirits admitted how much they hated Christians knowing about our abilities to bind and loose spirits. I suggest you seek out this answer through prayer and listening to some Spirit Filled Christians who know something about Deliverance.

    • Hello William,

      Nowhere in scripture have I found that “casting out demons” was a spiritual gift given freely to everyone just like the other gifts. Again, “binding and loosing” has nothing to do with casting out demons. And I’ve already listed who was involved in casting them out and nowhere does it say that it’s a Spiritual gift nor that it was ‘for all generations.’ So if this is not an actual gift, then it has to be a special imparting meant for select people. I’m not denying any of the spiritual gifts – I just question whether this one qualifies because it’s not listed and only very few possessed. But this really is a different subject because again, “binding and loosing” according to the bible does not have the same meaning that the modern church has assigned to it.

      There is also no biblical example of a mass exorcism conducted like Win did. If I can’t find it in the bible, then I must reject it. And if I’m wrong, then the Lord will show me and correct me and I will delight in His correction. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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