2 comments on “Worldly Thinking on Marriage and Love

  1. My husband says God isn’t answering his prayers.He wants God to show him why we shouldn’t be married anymore after 23 years. God told him one day after church after he interpreted a word and was out in the spirit that we shouldn’t be married cause God wants to do more in both of our lives and if we are together he isn’t obey God.

    • What your husband said is totally unbiblical. God hates divorce so He will never tell anyone to divorce. He says quite the opposite. Plus, when both husband and wife are joined together, they are stronger so How is it that God wants to work with you two apart from each other? That thinking destroys the marriage making it easier for Satan to come in and tempt both of you. That’s just crazy. Your husband is listening to his flesh and doesn’t know his bible or God apparently. Sorry to be so blunt but that’s the truth. Thanks for stopping by Carissa. 🙂

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