One comment on “Is It Okay to Marry Your Cousin? What Does the Bible Really Say?

  1. I closed the comments to this post because it was not glorifying to God and not edifying to anyone else including me. Those who disagreed with me did not want to discuss anything calmly like mature brothers and sisters of the faith. Instead, insults and false accusations were levied at me and I saw no point in keeping them up as reminders to me and as witnesses against those involved. Could I be wrong about this subject? Of course I can be. I’ve been wrong before and the Lord has GENTLY corrected me. I am not a bible teacher nor have I ever claimed to be. I simply have a blog and write according to my understanding at the time and I always encourage people to study for themselves. So if I’m wrong on this subject, I know He’ll correct me but in His own timing. He’s working on other things with me now that are more pressing because this cousin marriage issue is not an issue for me at all nor will it ever be. (I’m already married and have no male cousins) 🙂
    Please folks, in the future, try to be kinder to others even when you disagree with them because we are called to not act like the world, but to be set apart and Holy for God. I have been guilty of this too in the past and so this comment is also for me. 🙂
    God Bless! 🙂 🙂

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