7 comments on “What Does “Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen” Mean?

  1. Great post! A while back I wrote a post about this verse and the parable of the king and the wedding feast (Invited and Chosen). In the parable there is a man that comes to the wedding feast not dressed in the proper attire and he is cast into the outer darkness. The King calls us, and we do have to choose to respond, but not only do we have to respond, we have to be willing to meet the King on His terms.

  2. “Many are invited, but few RSVP.” I love it!

    I’ve seen this verse perverted to mean that some may RSVP to the invitation sent with their name engraved on it, even wearing the proper clothes that the host provided for them in advance of the party, only to be turned away at the door, as if the host was cruel or double-minded.

    This imagery completely misrepresents the character of God.

    You are so right in pointing out that we were chosen before the world began. We love because HE first loved us. How can anyone reject such great love?

    Great post. 🙂

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