4 comments on “When Does a Day Begin?

  1. Very good post! I had not realised the importance of this on other days other than the Sabbath.
    May I add that it’s also mentioned Genesis 1: “And the evening and the morning were the first/second/third/(…) day.”

    • Hello Mysterytopursue, Yes, that verse in Gen. makes it plain. You wouldn’t believe the hoops people jump through to make that verse say something else! Stop back again! 🙂

    • “Easter” has nothing to do with Messiah’s resurrection nor does the timeline coincide with it. Easter is basically a fertility ritual in disguise to get people (Christians) to follow it. Yeshua died on a Wed. evening and rose on Saturday. The Hebraic day starts in the evening at sundown like the bible says. If you claim to follow “Jesus”/Yeshua, then you should not be following Easter, or Christmas, or Holloween etc. You should follow His Feast days that He has laid out. I have a link of the Feast days on my home page up top.

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