2 comments on “What Group Makes up the Apostasy or Falling Away? Is it the Jews Who Deny Yeshua Like Many Think?

  1. On this subject I read the word in Revelations says: All those who receive the mark of the beast ” SHALL KNOW THAT THEIR NAMES WERE NEVER IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE”.
    It could be that these are those who have compromised . I see that these are the anti- Christ and have alot of influence in causing many to fall away. At this time the Father is calling all believes to repent. G-d is not dealing with sinners to repent; but, with the very believes.
    Also in the 2nd chapter of Rev. It calls them to ” repent” because they have left their first love, and if not the candlestick has been removed from them. The candle stick is symbolic to G-ds family tree, as we are the branches of the Menorah attached to the vine= ( Yahshua Jesus ) the middle branch the servant branch.
    The same branch that pours out the oil ( holy spirit ) to the rest of the branches a measure of the spirit. Once the candlestick is removed they no longer have the life of the spirit.

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