6 comments on “Email From an Unforgiven Wife

  1. only he and Yahweh know if he has forgiven her but it seems like you are saying that if he truly forgives her then he must stay with her. I disagree with that..I think it is entirely possible to forgive someone but not still have them as a part of your life. Just my 2 cents. I hope and pray that they both find the right path that they are meant to be on.

    • Laura sweetie, it’s good to see you. 🙂
      Here’s my thinking on this. There are some people that you can forgive but you stay away from. Like those who are harmful to you, those that have not repented, those that seek to cause you to sin etc. I have a situation like this where a family member, who is a pastor, always tries to provoke me into arguments and start trouble and insults me etc. With this person, I have to forgive them whether they ask for it or not, but I want nothing to do with this person because they have the potential to cause me to sin. This person declares war on anyone who disagrees with him doctrinally and you can’t tell him anything because he’s convinced he’s right on everything. I think some people are just bad eggs and you have to stay clear of them.

      But what makes this situation different is that they both claim they serve God. She has repented of her sins and wants to repair the marriage and be a good wife now. She is his wife and they are one. So if they are one and both united in Yah, then I think it is wrong to separate. Now if she continued in her ways and saw nothing wrong with, then that might be a different story because Yeshua does make a provision for divorce due to infidelity. But if she repents, then that’s a whole different story. Just imagine, what if God dealt with us the same way her husband is dealing with her?

  2. Father, I lift this son & daughter up to Your throne of grace
    I ask for You by the power of Your Holy Spirit to draw this son daily
    soften his heart to hear You clearly
    Father, I ask for Your glory to be revealed in this situation
    Father, I ask for Your peace that surpasses all natural understanding to be with Your daughter, Lord, teach her how to pray in agreement with You
    I ask for Your divine healing to flow forth for Your son & daughter

    I ask In Your Name Lord Jesus Amen

  3. Hello,

    I am sorry to hear of your situation and feel for the both of you.

    It takes time for the spirit, head and heart to come together on a situation like this one. It’s a delicate situation and one you can’t beat to death with truth it has to come from love not law. There was a claim he had hardened his heart (supposedly). No, it’s shattered and shredded.

    Follow Jesus and reconciliation can follow. Read of reconciliation through His word and put into action when God speaks to you from His word. Be tender and loving as only a wife can be and a heart broken can be welded together, but like anything else be patient.

  4. I can only speak by experience.
    As a young teenager I excepted the l-red as my savior, at 14 yrs. I received the holy spirit.
    Little did I know the word of G-d . I had been dating my husband for about two yrs. We finally got married in which I took my vow seriously. To make a lifetime short. My husband deserted me many times, and he committed adultery many times. My hubby was a womanizer.
    I never thought about divorce I guess because I was a believer.
    My husband was not a believer and well I did suffer in our marriage life. I never gave up.
    The word says: If a women has an unbelieving husband and he wants to depart a person is not bound in such cases. But if the unbelieving husband wants to remain do not divorce him otherwise your children are unclean.
    My husband did leave me many times and was gone more often then what his life was with me.
    I continued to trust in the L-rd.
    I kept praying for his salvation , and when I least expected many years later he did except the L-rd.
    I will say: I bombarded the heavens cried a lot, and even at one time I had been so angry and was even asking the L-rd to punish the women.
    Until I thought within me, I am not praying according to his will.
    I begin to pray and ask the father to save her and my husband. I knew that if G-d would save her she would be gone from my husbands life. Well then she was two weeks later. G-d answered my prayers.
    I have seen cases like this women.
    Their husbands being pastors , and yet Jesus said: You that say do not steal, and etc. Do you do it.
    In otherwords; Her husband being a pastor and knows or is suppose to know the word; Surely he must have been in prayer for the salvation of his wife.
    the wife having been unfaithful for 10 yrs. must have been like my husband.
    She in turn because most people who do not know the L-rd do not like being around a person who knows the L-rd. That was my husband.
    I had to learn many things.
    G-d hates divorce.
    I want to state something very important: The spirit of the L-rd spoke this words to me .
    If a spouse cannot keep covenant with you, what makes you think he`ll keep covenant with me.
    I spoke this words to my husband: He knew exactly what it meant.

    If a person say like her husband a pastor cannot keep his marriage covenant with his wife; what make him think he will keep his covenant with G-d.
    The answer is no man or women who breaks their covenant ( marriage covenant ) with their spouse will not only break their covenant with their spouse; but, also their covenant with G-d will also be broken. Why? Because you are one body. not two separate people but one body whom the spirit of G-d has joined together.
    This is in Gen 2 ) This is why you leave father and mother and the man joins himself to his wife and you become one.
    Husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church = ( the women his bride). I speak a mystery concerning the church.
    The mystery that Jesus spoke about is in ( Gen. 3 ). Adam who is a type of Jesus Christ .
    The serpent deceived the women =( his wife ) she ate of the forbidden fruit and she gave also to her husband = ( confessed it to her husband of the fruit she partook off ) Adam her husband ate of it = ( heard her out . like Adam the women you gave to me she caused me to eat of it = Adam became bitter for her unfaithfulness of eating of the forbidden fruit )
    Here`s the ” Mystery” Adam knew she had eaten of the forbidden fruit, like Jesus Christ the second Adam man ; by himself taking of the fruit ; he took the blame for the women , in otherwords: because Adam loved his wife Eve he took her punishment of death upon himself ; therefore when G-d said to Adam on the day you eat of it ” You Shall surely die. So Adam took the death penalty of the women to spare her life and not die.
    Jesus the teacher prophet = ( pastor of the sheep ) like her husband should have done the same with his wife. In fact her spiritual husband Jesus now took upon himself her death penalty and salvation came to her= ( her life was spared like Eve`s life was spared by her husband Adam taking the death penalty of his wife Eve.
    Many believers until finding out the Mystery of the church and Christ read in Gen. 3 ) about Adam and Eve, have not learned what Jesus was saying about Christ and the Christ = ( women ).
    To love your wife truly is to lay down your life for your wife.
    The first Adam did, and also the second Adam Jesus did also.
    Adam loved Eve . Jesus loves the church = ( his wife) he laid down his own life for her that she would not die.
    Her husband who is suppose to be the shepherd of the sheep should be willing to carry his own cross for his wife.
    Carry his own cross = ( means to be able to take the reproach for his wife, be willing to forgive her with an unconditional love, as Jesus did .
    Jesus knew we were we sinners. Adam knew Eve had sinned by partaking of the forbidden fruit and him also carried his own cross even if it meant his own death.
    A true pastor cares for the sheep. and is willing to die to protect the sheep.
    Her husband being a pastor is in more jeopardy then his wife; because she didn`t know the L-rd when she did what she did, while her husband does know the L-rd and the word.
    He has no excuse
    The body of people of the church his pastor to and other believers need to go back and teach him that the way his going out will cost him his salvation.
    Not only that: The L-rd never gave a divorced man or women the license to remarry .
    If they leave they are to remain unmarried.
    They are both bound until death do them part.
    In the old testament the adulterer when caught they both faced death, and both were stoned to death.
    Why? Because G-d is so merciful by having the one`s stoned to death for adultery would release the innocent to be able to remarry again.
    They would not be called adulterers because both parties were now dead.
    They could now be the husband or wife of another.


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