6 comments on “Why I Think President Donald Trump Was Called By God

  1. Carol, I appreciate your article. Though I may have different opinions concerning President Trump, I will agree that God has called and put him into the Office of the Presidency. Could it be that God has put him into office because He wants to use him concerning His purposes for Israel? David served God’s purpose in his generation. I am sure that President Trump, no matter all the differing opinions about him, will serve God’s purpose, especially his support for Israel, in this generation. I look forward to your next article.

    • Hi Steve, Yes. I think Trump was chosen in part due to his love for Israel. David was the most unlikeliest person to be chosen for king. Remember, he was in the field and not even considered among his brothers for the position. But God chose him. Likewise, Trump was the most unlikeliest of candidates. He was ridiculed, mocked, and not taken seriously until election night. I’m not comparing Trump to King David even though it seems that way. I say these things to emphasize that ‘the last will be first and the first last.’ This recurring theme we see in the bible of Jesus choosing the lowly, humble people over the religious giants; how the meek will inherit the earth etc. God shows favor to the widows and orphans – those who are vulnerable to the wolves around them. And thematically we the people are tied in with this in that our government has gone rogue and has done many things against us the ‘vulnerable’ or ‘deplorables.’ The themes are there. So yes, I think Trump was chosen not only for his love for Israel, but for his love for Americans and people everywhere. He extends a helping hand to anyone that he can but most people don’t now this due to the media blackout. Thanks for stopping by Steve. 🙂

  2. Throw away your wishful thinking. He will not keep his word. Relying on politicians is like a bad tooth or a lame foot. God has chosen him to destroy this nation. The unfaithful can not save a nation, bottom line.

    No one is like King David or King Solomon and never will be. They’re so much better than Donald Duck in the White House.

    • Hello Dennis, You, and many others say that ‘he will not keep his word’ but the evidence is to the contrary. Here is a list of his accomplishments in his first 100 days – something the media wants to keep from us. https://www.whitehouse.gov/100-days

      I do agree with you in that we are not to rely on politicians or any man and I don’t. Donald Trump is not our Savior. But I do see him as tool used by God for His purposes. I don’t think his agenda is to destroy this nation – that is what Hillary wanted with her global agenda. I don’t think people realize the overwhelming number of crimes committed by Hillary, Obama, FBI, CIA etc. which we have evidence and proof of but those that are supposed to serve justice are guilty as well. These people aren’t going to investigate and prosecute themselves. The problem is that this information isn’t getting out through mainstream media but they are putting forth lies which are verified. (which is why CNN has multiple lawsuits against them and NBC is in danger of losing their broadcast license) Anyway, this isn’t about the left vs the right – it’s about darkness vs the light. What we see in the physical is just a manifestation of what’s going on the spiritual realm. There is a war going on in the heavenlies right now. Thanks for stopping by Dennis. And I like Donald Duck. 🙂

      • I don’t necessarily mean he’ll destroy the nation on purpose. I mean his smooth move actions and/or words will spoil his presidency quickly and pierce the nation with more holes even further for his predecessor and for the voters to deal with on their own. That is how the nation is in such bad shape today. I got a nifty computer Bible that tells me he is the typical misruler because him and so many others let alone Hillary are not fit to rule the way God wills it. On that note, the nations will ultimately be ruled by Jesus himself from Jerusalem, Israel. I do not support nor promote man’s standard way to rule whether it be in the home or the world itself.

      • Hello Dennis, I’m not going to argue with you there about what Trump might do in the future. I say this not because of Trump himself but because of fallen human nature. My thinking is this – ultimately, man will let you down but not the Lord. People get devastated when they are betrayed by a loved one or family member but we must remember that they too are sinful creatures. Ultimately, our government, and any other government is not what God had in mind. God wants a Torah-based society and the Israelites had that until they wanted a king like the nations. So God gave them kings and let man rule man but as we can see, it’s not sufficient and not even Trump can change that. I look forward to the day when ALL governments will be brought low and Yeshua is reigning from Jerusalem. I only support Trump because I see God working through him. If the ‘God factor’ wasn’t there, then I’d have no interest whatsoever. 🙂

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