8 comments on “OSAS – Can a Believer Fall Away?

  1. My wife got tickled at your comments on my post Young Love. She giggles instead of laughs. I like that about her. Get some sleep. My wife said go snuggle up to your hubby and get some rest.We both wish you guys a Happy New Year!

  2. I agree that Christians can fall away from Christ. I also dislike the golden ticket approach to salvation–one altar call and the rest is gravy. However, and I know this is interpretation, falling away does not always mean hellfire. A sin against the Holy Spirit is such a thing, and Jesus was never clear on what that was, but Satanic worship is a good bet.Since you are using the early church as a primary example, I believe many fell away out of a lack of guidance, a refusal to depend on the Holy Spirit, and in many cases, not going through openly with the process of being born again. But I also don’t think that means they are doomed to hell. God has a habit of reaching out to those who have fallen and many return. Others who may not, it is for God to decide where their face lies: he judges the heart.Death is not only hell, but it is separation from God. Those who fall away choose to be away from God. Can they come back? Sure. When they die, are they in hell? I don’t think so, but I don’t know what God will greet them with.You mention Esau–an ungodly man. Yet I believe he got right with God when he showed Jacob forgiveness and forgot Jacob’s deviousness toward him. It’s true that a pagan people came from his loins, but I think Esau showed grace where Jacob did not.I know about the false converts. They will get theirs. Yes, we can lead others astray and visa versa. But what are we leading them to? We are imperfect beings who undergo ongoing repentence for our sins. I have yet to meet a Christian who is perfect and who hasn’t sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And sometimes the body of Christ can be more of an obstacle to some, than a comfort. I’ve seen this.As a Christian, I think about my walk with God constantly. I did not always do that. I also don’t agree with many of the platforms other Christians stand by. But if I am wrong, God has a way of showing me. Even with the Scripture as our guide, God is infinite, beyond time and space–there is so much we cannot begin to know in these earthly bodies. We trust and that has to be the real ticket.Sorry so long.

  3. Amen,its absolutely possible for those who are in the faith to fall away. Our acceptance in position with God, however, does not change with us “doing” things. Scripture says, “It is His doing that we are in Christ”. We are sons because of HIS doing. I was under the impression that if I spent more time in prayer and reading the Word then I’d be more of a son. And in nature, sons are led by the Spirit, they are obedient, they respond in joy, thanksgiving and prayer. However, a person who is born-again and sins does not cease to be a son. John said, “If you sin you have an advocate with the Father”. He didn’t say an advocate with God, but Father. Our position with God as long as we are in Christ is fixed. This is liberating thought that moves us from a performance lifestyle into a sons lifestyle. Why does God ask us to obey Him and walk with Him? So that we can receive the benefits of our salvation. We can never work <>for<> our salvation. Yes of course, We need to work out our salvation, but never work for it. Working out in other words is experiencing the benefits of salvation- this requires obedience.I hope to write more on this later.

  4. Carol,I’d be genuinely interested in knowing whether you think falling away in all instances means loss of salvation, and at what point or by what means falling away occurs.For instance, if I sinned today have I fallen away? If not, why not? Do I lose my salvation if I die in my sleep with unconfessed sin?

  5. Robert,Your question about the means of falling away is in my post but I’ll recap:You can fall away by:Not standing firm Straying from the truthStraying from the faithTurning their backs on GodUnbeliefNot bearing fruitNot keeping His commands Falling for the world’s lies and deceptionLove of money (amongst other things)This does not mean if you sin and die that evening that you’ll go to hell. None of us are sinless. This is speaking of a heart change, a decision to no longer be a part of His Kingdom. If you follow the ways of the world (hence love the world, reject what Jesus has said, and/or added to what He said) you could be in danger of falling away. That’s why I’m concerned about your endorsement of clowns and mimes and all other manner of entertainment under the guise of preaching the Word. These are of the world. Not what Jesus commanded or even eluded to. In fact they go against other principles set forth in Scripture of which I mentioned in the clown post. The end doesn’t justify the means.You can be lost by sinning because the bible names a whole slew of them. (fornicators, deceivers, liars etc.) This speaks of unrepentant people, or people who have fallen away (for whatever reason) thus they have rejected Jesus. You cannot be a follower of Christ and then not change your ways because you (general you, not “you” you) are just like the world instead of being a separate holy people like God has called us to be.

  6. Thanks for the clarification.As for your concern, I don’t understand it. If I want to preach the word standing on my head because it helps get the message through then so be it. The Bible as far I know speaks about delivery content but is fairly quiet on delivery style. Its not about entertainment, its about an appropriate style of delivery. Sure I could stand there and preach only words at the kids, but as I’m sure most people in children work would hopefully agree, that would mean an empty sunday school – which would be a shame since half the kids don’t have believing parents.

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